1.  Is there a cost to attend the Festival?

     No, the Festival offers free parking and free admission.  

2.  Can you bring your own food/drink to the Friday night concert?

     Everyone is welcome to bring their own picnic baskets or coolers to the Friday night concert with their own food and drink.  The only restriction is that we cannot allow people to bring in their own alcoholic beverages.  This is due to city ordinances and our insurance coverage.  There will be food vendors selling food in addition to the great Town Center restaruants.  There will be beer and wine sales in the concert area also.

3.  Are dogs allowed at the Festival?

   Yes, dogs are allowed at the festival as long as they are kept on a leash and aren’t overly aggressive to other people.

However, we STRONGLY urge dog owners to leave their pets at home because we are a street festival without much shade, so you and your dog will be walking on pavement while you are visiting the arts and crafts booths.  Last year, the surface temperature of the road was measured by our ice man at 110 degrees, which is very hot and the dogs we saw seemed in some distress due to the hot temperatures on their foot pads.  Some of the dogs even had to be picked up and carried by their owners.  We expect a hot one this year as well with temperatures Saturday and Sunday in the upper 80s which would be very tough on your pet.

4.  Where can we park?

   Free parking is available all weekend in the Town Center parking deck, and at office lots located off of DaVinci Court.



5.  How can I apply to be a vendor at the Festival?

     Click on the "Exhibitors" tab to apply online for an arts and crafts vendor application and on the "Food & Beverages" tab for a food vendor application for 2020.  All applications are completed online.

6.  Where is the handicapped parking located?

     The Town Green has designated handicapped parking spaces clearly marked.  In addition, a number of spaces off of Peachtree Corners Circle will be designated for handicapped parking.

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