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1.  Is there a cost to attend the Festival?

     No, the Festival offers free parking and free admission.  

2.  Are dogs allowed at the Festival?

   Yes, dogs are allowed at the festival as long as they are kept on a leash and aren’t overly aggressive to other people.

3.  Where can we park?

   Free parking is available all weekend in the Town Center parking deck, and at office lots located off of DaVinci Court.  You can also park across the street at the Forum shopping center and use the Peachtree Corners pedestrian bridge to safely cross Peachtree Parkway to get to the Town Center.

Parking at the large lot at DaVinci Court will put you immediately adjacent to our vendor craft booths!



4.  How can I apply to be a vendor at the Festival?

     Click on the "Exhibitors" tab to apply online for an arts and crafts vendor application and on the "Food & Beverages" tab for a food vendor application for 2024.  All applications are completed online.

5.  Where is the handicapped parking located?

     The Town Green has designated handicapped parking spaces clearly marked.  There will also be marked handicapped spaces in the DaVinci Court parking lot adjacent to the festival booth area.  The car show has designated handicapped parking in the lot located next to the roundabout. 

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